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U.S. Energy Raters Association (USERA)

USERA HERS Providership Update November 14, 2013

Be prepared for the new code. ALL USERA raters must be certified for the new 2013 CEC code by January 1, 2014. USERA is providing an easy way for our raters to smoothly continue their operations without any hiccups as they enter the new year:
A simple one day class.

We are offering three dates in which you can take your re-certification class in December - the 3rd, 11th and 12th. Classes will involve six hours of comprehensive training from leading working professionals in the industry. The class fee is only $249 and includes all class materials and lunch. Sign up is easy. Your course information and credit card payment link will be sent directly to your email address. What if I am not a USERA rater, but would like to become one?

Raters currently certified under the 2008 code with another providership can easily become co-certified with USERA by taking this class. If you have already become recertified for the 2013 code all you need to do is pass our challenge test and you will be co-certified with USERA!

If you have any thoughts or questions give send us a message at communications@usenergyraters.com.